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Box of 5 Blue steel pizza pan

Box of 5 Blue steel pizza pan

The original Roman Style Pizza tray, made in blue iron metal is the perfect tool for churning out cooked pizzas.

Gone are the times when refractory stone was the only tool capable of withstanding very high temperatures, distributing heat evenly, and therefore being the perfect alternative for cooking pizza. Blue iron is the most resistant material to high temperatures.

Compared to aluminum, steel and terracotta, blue iron is undoubtedly the most resistant material to high temperatures: it reaches the desired temperature in a very short time, facilitating the growth of uniform and homogeneous mixture. Although, it is a tool used mostly at a professional level (for ovens that reach well beyond the threshold of 400 ° F), having a blue iron pan can become the ace in the hole for churning out well-celled, dry and crispy pizzas.

Easy to clean and maintain. 

Size: 23.5"x15 ¾" x ¾"



    $189.00 Precio
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