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Engraved Medium Wooden Madia Box
  • Engraved Medium Wooden Madia Box

    Wooden through with two AVPN® engraved logos, made by expert artisans and suitable for traditionally manually kneading of the flour in order to prepare small batches of dough (around 15 to 25 pounds). 

    The wood has not undergone to any harmful treatment and it is suitable to be used in contact with food; it is also free of odors that can alterate the taste on the prepared dough. The thickness of the wood  is less than half inch.

    The Madia box is not an ornamental tool but a working box aimed to better and homogenously mix the ingredients to prepare the dough. For this reason, sometime the color of the panels may be slightly different each other and showing the presence of some knots.


    How do I clean the Madia?

    The Madia should be scraped with a spatula and cleaned with a damp cloth. If exceptionally washed with water (it is highly recommended to not use chemical cleaners to avoid surface residue), immediately pass a rag and leave it to completely dry in open air.


    Are the Madia boxes water proof?

    Yes, all the Madia boxes are water proof but since they are made of pine wood panels glued together, we don't guarantee a perfect proofing if the water remains for a long time inside the box.


    Length: 20.0"

    Width: 15.5"

    Height: 7.0"

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