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Neapolitan  Pizza  Tools  Store 

Essence of Naples specializes in providing authentic pizza tools for professional pizzaioli and enthusiasts of Neapolitan-style pizza alike. 

Available for sale are pizza tools, apparel, decorative traditional ornaments, and our newest publication, Flour Water Yeast Salt Passion, a collection of hundreds of pages of delicious recipes and mouth-watering photos from the world’s most renowned pizzaioli.

Our passion lies in authentic Neapolitan tradition and we strive to provide our clients with products of the upmost authenticity in order to create the best possible pizzas.


PhotoRoom_20211101_104221 copy
Double Arm Mixer
SET 7026
MTL 7005
Pebble_dark gray_CS30
vietri_tiles 20x20 cm
Spiral Mixer
Fork Mixer
Our Book
Spiral Mixer

Fork, Spiral, Double arm Mixer.



Please do not hesitate to email or call for any info.

- Lava stone tables, different shapes and measurements.
- High-strength stainless steel mixer. 
- All sizes and colors of artisanal brick ovens, electric, gas, and straight Wood.
- Pizza tools.
- Restaurant decors .
- Pizza class in person or on Zoom 
-Napoletana Consulting, knowledge to open any style of a pizzeria, covering every step from the layout to the staff training.
For more information, please get in touch with the EFN office at:
+1(424) 227-9973
or email us at 
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